MX-5 – Throwback Thursday

I found this picture whilst looking for images of my old MX-5 to upload to my cars blog on Blatters, I thought it would be perfect for the #throwbackthursday hashtag on Twitter, but instead of keeping it on my Twitter account I thought I’d blog about it too.

This picture takes me back to 2007, while I was working as a web developer between finishing my degree and graduating. Most days I would head out for a blat around the Welland Valley on my lunchbreak. These were the days before I had a DSLR, so this was taken on my Dad’s Nikon FM2 and the slide scanned.

Garage build – Shed

The shed isn’t strictly related to the garage build, but as one of the most important requirements was that the garage would be for car stuff only, we needed a shed for everything else.

Last weekend we had a shed building BBQ, with my friends Partho, Rich and Vernon to help with the construction and Jen, Anna and Jo keeping us fed and watered. The shed went up fairly quickly between rain showers, but we weren’t able to get it painted until this weekend. Jen chose the colour (Seagrass by Cuprinol), which I think looks really good after a couple of coats.


Nyhavn – Copenhagen

NyhavnLast month Jen and I spent a few days in Copenhagen, we did all the usual tourist things, Tivoli Gardens, Carlsberg Brewery tour, visited the Little Mermaid etc, but my favourite place was Nyhavn. Nyhavn, which means New Harbour, was made to get ships into the centre of Copenhagen, however these days it is the place to go on a sunny evening. Tourists and locals mingle, either sitting on the side of the harbour with a beer, or having dinner outside one of the many restaurants which line the harbour.


Garage build – Car in the garage

The garage is finally ready to park a car in! This picture is actually a few weeks old, but life has been a bit hectic recently, so I’m playing catch up on the blog. A few days after the door was fitted Martin, our electrician, installed the fuse board and connected up the garage door motor, so I could get the car in and out. The tricky bit now is working out how to connect it up to the alarm which he is going to fit, so that before the door opens the alarm is deactivated.