Garage build – Door fitted

It has been a bit quiet on the garage front recently, we’ve mainly been painting the inside, but this weekend the door was fitted. I went for a Hormann sectional door with motor, expensive, but hopefully worth it.

I also got the trench for the electrical cables dug today – hard work in the sun, but my fault for leaving it until the last minute, as the electricians are starting tomorrow. This means I will be able to open and close the door, without an extension lead from the house in the middle of the garage.

Garage build – day 19

An internal picture today, as the piers either side of the door were the last bits that the builder needed to do, so nothing has changed outside. The pace of work (and frequency of updates) will slow down a bit now that it is down to me to do the work, but the next task is to paint the walls inside the garage white, to keep the dust down and make the garage a bit brighter.

The door has been ordered, so that should be installed in the next few weeks, which means we will be able to get the electrician in to finish the wiring and then I’ll be able to park the MR2 inside!