Evo magazine

A quick stop by Loch Glascarnoch

I’ve been a bit rubbish at blogging the last few months, my excuses are working on the 119 project, enjoying my MR2 and that I’m really busy at work. It was on a flight for work that I was reading evo magazine on my iPad and came across the image above, of my MX-5 next to Loch Glascarnoch on the A835 and a few words about my 2012 Scottish roadtrip.

I’d submitted the article a while back and almost forgotten about it. The word count I had to meet was quite restrictive, so there’s hardly any detail, but the full details of the trip are earlier in this blog.

Cadwell Park shots in Autosport

My #1 aim for 2009 has been achieved! I managed to get two of my images published in Autosport magazine.

The images the chose out of the selection I sent them were a side on pan of Tom Roche, winner of both Ma5da Races taken at Barn (a very similar¬†shot to the one of Scott Kirlew in my post reviewing the race)¬†and a shot of Steve Twist’s Uno leading a gaggle of Fiats through Hall Bends.

Sorry for the rubbish iPhone shot, I will edit the post with a proper shot or a scan later.

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