Garage build – day 16

Now that the facias, window and side door (minus bottom panel) are fitted it looks a lot more complete. The path down the side of the garage has also been started, although we’ve ran out of slabs, a combination of not ordering enough and some breaking when they were laid.

I’ve been told the concrete floor is going down on Friday, so I really need to hurry up and get the garage door ordered.

Garage build – day 15

I didn’t post yesterday, as the visually there wasn’t much different from day thirteen, as it was just the carpentry that had been finished off. However, there has been more progress today, the roof has been finished and the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that we also have a new fence and back gate.


Garage build – day 13

The brickwork for the walls is now complete and work on the roof has started. The wall plates and joists have been fitted and the boarding is about half done. The roofer will finish off the roof on Tuesday and the window and personnel door will be fitted on Wednesday. Work has also started on the path down the side of the garage and the base for the shed. The next step is to fit the steel lintel above what will be the garage door.

Garage build – day 10

Whilst I was at Le Mans (blog to follow seen) the builders made good progress, with three sides now at full height. Due to the slight slope of the garden the garage looks higher than I was expecting, but my plans were based on the garden being flat.

We are still on schedule for the roof to be fitted this week, at which point it will start to feel more like a garage.

Garage build – day 6

It has been a busy day on the 119 project!

The builders have built 2 more corners and made good progress on the left wall, and the hardcore for under the floor has been delivered (the blue damp proof membrane shows what will be the eventual floor height). They had an extra guy working with them today, so progress was good.

The electricians were also on site, until 18:30 when I got home, I’d bumped into them at my office at 10:00 and they said this was their next job – they were still here when I got home at 18:30, which was good going. They were installing trunking for the electric cable and network cable, as they had some water pipe in the van already, they ran that just in case. They had to drill through from the outside loo and the bricks were putting up a good fight, when I got home there was a big pile of empty drill batteries, showing that the outside loo is literally built like a brick shithouse!

Garage build – day 4

After day three was rained off, the builders were able to get some brick laid. With 2 walls and the start of the third and fourth I can see exactly how big the garage is going to be – and it looks like there will be plenty of room to work in there!


Garage build – preparation done

The preparation for the garage build is complete, over the last few weeks since my last post, we have been busy – two skips have been filled with the garage and its contents, one run to the tip, cleared the route for a trench (for the electrics), built a raised bed and filled it with topsoil from the old vegetable plot (which will become a path when the new garage is built). The biggest job was building the raised bed, although I did get some help from Jen:

We used a custom kit from Woodblocx, which consists of pre cut and drilled treated sleepers and plastic pegs to hold them together. I was really impressed with them, although it wasn’t quite as easy as building with Lego, as I had been expecting – the pegs took a fair amount of hammering to fit, then the next layer of wood also needed a lot of hammering to fit into the pegs, but the end result is solid. We filled the bed with ten wheelbarrows of soil from the old vegetable plot at the top of the garden, which we sieved before adding to the bed. We replanted the strawberries, rosemary and thyme, which were in the old bed and added oregano, three different varieties of chilli plant and leeks, which I’ve grown from seed.

The builders and electrician are arriving at 08:30 tomorrow to start work, of course I’ll regularly update the blog with progress.